Vegetarian and Vegan Daycares

Today marks the start of a new adventure for our daughter. We signed her up for daycare, and she’ll be starting in a week.

We spent countless hours researching different daycares, from ones run by the city, to home daycares, and we even interviewed some nannies. By chance, a spot opened up at a Montessori school, and we were able to take the spot just in time.  The school is great because it has everything we could hope for — small class sizes, clean and tidy, eco friendly, a great learning environment. and best of all, organic food made by an onsite cook.

We were thrilled that they are more than happy to accommodate our vegetarian daughter — in fact, most of the food they serve the children is vegetarian. They already have 2 vegan children enrolled in the school, and with our daughter joining, they will have 2 vegetarian kids. They offer hemp, almond, soy and rice milk, and a variety of other non-dairy foods.

While some of the other daycares we looked at said they could accommodate our daughter’s diet, they weren’t clear on definitions of vegetarian and vegan food, and so there was always a chance our child might have been inadvertently served meat.  One daycare told us we’d have to pack her own vegetarian lunches, even though meals were included in the fees. Now, we’re certain she’ll get the right food, and it will be healthy and delicious (we even got to taste test a rice ball the cook had just madeday care foods — it was fantastic!).

For those of you sending your veggie kids to school or daycare, what have your challenges been when it comes to mealtime offerings?