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Beet-iful Puree
Beet-iful Puree

Nutrition info:
Wait until 8-10 months of age

Rich in vitamin C, calcium, potassium and dietary fibre

Beets: The unsung hero of the baby food world! Beets contain a substance called betaine, which can relax your baby’s mind and may even make him/her less fussy. Beets have a mild laxative effect, and can even soothe a sore tummy. Because beets are high in nitrates, however, some paediatricians recommend you wait until your baby is between 8-10 months old before offering beets to your veggie baby.

The beautiful purple colour of beets will be sure to tempt any baby into giving a beet puree a try, but the earthy taste might be a little much on its own for your baby to continue eating it. If you find plain beets aren’t your veggie baby’s favourite, try this beet-iful recipe instead.


2 beets, peeled, cut into chunks and steamed or boiled for 15-20 mins or until soft
1 apple, peeled, cut into chunks and boiled for about 10 mins, or until soft
1 tsp cinnamon
1-3 Tbsp water, breastmilk or formula


Cook your beets and apple in separate pots (see above for cooking times). Once both are cooked, blend together in a blender or food processor, adding the cinnamon. Add fresh water, breastmilk or formula to the puree to create the consistency you want.

Keep any unused puree in the fridge for up to three days, or freeze.

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