If you’re already vegetarian or vegan, you’re probably used to people asking you, “What do you eat besides lettuce?” and “Where do you get your protein?” But when you’re pregnant, you might also have to prepare for questions about whether or not it’s safe to be pregnant and vegetarian or vegan, and will eating this way harm your developing baby.

Adding these stressful questions to your feelings of excitement and nervousness of being pregnant in general, might make you want to avoid people altogether until your baby arrives. Vegetarian and vegan moms-to-be may start questioning their dietary choices — after all, you want what’s best for your baby.

Rest assured, however, that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet can be just as healthy, or healthier, than eating a diet that includes meat and/or dairy. If you focus on eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet that incorporates all the important nutrients your baby needs to grow in the womb, you won’t need to worry about deficiencies, nor will you worry about cravings for ice cream and pickles, fast food, or sugary treats.

Pregnancy Health & Safety

It’s funny how pregnant moms are given the OK by society to fill up on ice cream, Big Macs, French Fries and chocolate bars. Cravings are cravings, after all. Junk food seems to be an acceptable part of the pregnancy diet. But, if you tell some people you’re vegan or vegetarian, they ignore the fact […]

Pregnancy Nutrition

Eating well in your pregnancy and sticking to your beliefs about veganism and vegetarianism are some of the greatest gifts you can give your unborn baby. How you eat while pregnant and breastfeeding is the only time in your life that your eating habits directly and immediately effect the health of another human being. Getting […]

Pregnancy Weight Gain

For some women, gaining weight during pregnancy can be concerning, especially if they are overweight to begin with. It’s so important to understand that it is not healthy to diet while you’re pregnant because it can be harmful to your unborn baby. Your body is working super hard to nurture your child in the womb, […]