is an online resource for parents and caretakers who plan to raise their babies and toddlers on a vegan or vegetarian diet. We hope you find all the information you need to feed your veggie baby a nutritious and delicious diet, minus the meat.

MyVeggieBabyTo start, we want to ensure that is a judgement-free space. Many of our visitors might include some meat and/or dairy in their children’s diets — and that’s okay. We’re here to offer you information on the benefits of limiting or eliminating these items from your child’s diet, and provide you with healthy alternatives to meat and dairy. So, if you’re thinking of introducing Meatless Mondays into your household, looking for alternatives to dairy or eggs due to allergies, or planning to raise your child vegan from the get-go, has absolutely everything you need to know about raising healthy, happy babies and toddlers, meat-free.

As vegetarians, we wanted to raise our daughter on a plant-based diet, but had trouble finding a comprehensive online resource that focused solely on vegetarian/vegan baby and toddler health. Our family doctor wasn’t familiar with vegetarian or vegan eating, especially for young kids. When our daughter turned one, our doctor sent us off to have our daughter’s iron and other levels tested, for fear that she might be anaemic (by the way, our daughter’s iron levels were above average, and she’s as healthy as a horse!).

Our doctor’s wariness about our daughter’s meat-free diet concerned us and made us question our lifestyle choices. Being typical doting parents, we scoured the internet for information about whether or not a vegetarian or vegan diet is safe for babies and toddlers, what supplements might be needed, and what a typical veggie or vegan meal plan might look like for a new eater. We found fractured information from a variety of sources, but nothing that brought everything we wanted to know all together. So, was born.

We hope that will give you piece of mind in knowing that a vegetarian or vegan diet is safe and very healthy for your child. We also hope it will save you time when planning meals and snacks, and provide you with all the information you need to teach your child about the importance of healthy, compassionate and environmentally conscious eating.

Health concerns aside, we also aim to educate parents and caregivers about the positive impact a meat-free diet can have on the environment and on our children’s emotional well-being.

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